The roadblocks to Yankees overcoming their greatest failing

QUIZ: Five teams made the playoffs at least six times from 2010-20. Name them (answer below).

Much is made of the fact that the Yankees have not won a World Series since 2009. Around here that is often treated like a crime against humanity.

Heck, the Yankees haven’t even won a pennant since that year, which marked the 2010s as the first decade since the 1910s that the Yanks had not at least played for the World Series.

Conveniently forgotten by the “What would George do” crowd is that the team went from 1982-95 without a pennant — and often as the laughingstock of the industry. They have been no laughingstock in the decade-plus in which they are title-less. They have been persistent contenders, never producing a dud season (they just guaranteed a winning record for the 29th straight season).

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