PRAY: Taliban Executing Groups of ’30 to 40′ at a Time Says Christian Missionary Helping Afghans

The US pullout from Afghanistan sent geo-political shock waves throughout the world, profoundly diminished US prestige and left tens of thousands of Afghans in harm’s way at the hands of the terrorists of the Taliban. 

Reports of murder, retribution, kidnapping and torture continue to stream of out Afghanistan. 

Dozens of NGO’s have rallied to help Afghans escape and where possible provide practical aid.  CBN News talked with Dave Eubank the founder of Free Burma Rangers (FBR) in neighboring Tajikistan. 

FBR is there to do what they can to help Afghans and be the hands and feet of Jesus during this dark hour.  Eubank also says it’s a time for a call to pray for the people and the country of Afghanistan. 

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