Need REST? – It never ends, does it? Waking up at the crack of dawn, working longer hours … Watch this 3-minute video …

Rushing is like a drug for people these days. Almost like they believe that an increase in action will equal an increase in self-worth and validation. So every minute is quickly filled with anything that can be shoved into it, until we’re left with nothing more than a never-ending stress cycle.

There is something depressing about living nonstop. With its ability to blur days together, our lives can be enveloped by the desire of riches, knowledge, and honor. Rushing’s addictive nature can leave us consumed with pushing the clock as hard as we can. And like jaded junkies looking for our next time hit, many precious moments are overwhelmed by worthless actions. Is working a 6-day, 60-hour week worth it? As a result of this, we’ve got ruined homes and unhealthy bones. There’s rising pollution, rising crimes, rising bills, and rising blood pressure, not to mention noisy neighbors, massive taxes, identity theft, natural disasters, disease, war, terrorism.

What if I were to tell you that this is not the way we were designed to live? That you’re not meant to be continuously struggling with your independent self-existence. The question is, should we break the cycle? When it comes to God’s way of life as defined in the Bible, most people will only focus on the negatives. So straight from the start, God’s perfect way gets a bad rap. Thankfully, the Bible says something quite the opposite. Instead of being chained, God’s supreme desire is actually for you to be free – free of negative, nonstop action seven days a week. Free to keep the Sabbath. Did you know that God in His great lovingkindness commands us to take a break to relax and unwind? The Saturday Sabbath is a day unlike any other, in which we can disconnect from the plugged in society around us and break the cycle that holds so many captive. The results of this are amazing in that it frees up huge amounts of time for us to focus on the important things like relationships with family, close friends, and God. Compared to the world’s destructively frantic pace, God’s holy Sabbath day is a massive blessing, able to turn your world from a never-ending stress cycle into a peaceful life you can truly enjoy.

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