Letters to the Editor — Sept. 16, 2021

The Issue: Secretary of Defense Antony Blinken’s congressional testimony on the Afghanistan pullout.

Watching Secretary of Defense Antony Blinken try to shift the blame for Afghanistan onto former President Donald Trump was priceless (“Stinkin’ Blinken,” Sept. 15)

It is hard to believe what gutless wimps the Biden gang are. Instead of owning up to their massive screwup, they play the blame game.

Meanwhile, Americans are still held hostage while the administration plays the COVID card to try to distract the public. These twits give cowards a bad name.

Storm Destro

Bayonne, NJ

Can there possibly be a bigger coward in the Biden administration than Blinken? He — along with President Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Gen. Mark Milley — is responsible for the death of 13 of our warriors at the Kabul airport.

But he doesn’t even have the guts to show up at Congress and testify face-to-face about the utter incompetence of his State Department.

Rather, he sits in the comfortable confines of his office, outright lying to the American people.

Jake McNicholas


It’s lipstick on a pig: No matter how Biden, Blinken and the Democrats try to dress it up, most Americans believe that our withdrawal from Afghanistan was a monumental failure.

Now they want us to believe that they are managing the thousands of Afghan refugees they allowed into our country and making sure that they are not terrorists with child brides. Right.

We just passed the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Having lost a brother-in-law in the North Tower, my family and I know the horrors of that day and its lingering aftermath.

Will it take another 9/11-style attack and the deaths of more innocent Americans for people to finally realize that we are being bamboozled by this administration and that none of what they have done these past eight months is good for our great nation?

Michael D’Auria


During the Blinken testimony, Sen. James Risch, a ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, asked: Who’s in charge?

It certainly isn’t Biden, who only reads from his teleprompter and regularly refuses to take questions from the press. It certainly isn’t the generals, who had to know how catastrophic it would be to evacuate the military before civilians and also leave billions of dollars in the latest military equipment for future terrorist use.

So far, there has been no accountability for this horrific failure, resulting in 13 soldiers lost. The president appears to have a B-team advising him and probably making decisions for him. They must be held accountable and probably fired.

Jennifer Srulowitz


Blinkin had no answers for the Afghanistan-withdrawal debacle.

His actions during this mess, including being on vacation, are unconscionable. Thirteen soldiers were murdered, and no one has taken responsibility.

Gen. Mark Milley, Blinken, Biden et al, stand pat in their claims of innocence. Yet all of these people planned this outrageous withdrawal. They put the lives of thousands in peril. They left behind billions of dollars of equipment.

No change of conversation or diversion is going to make this go away. It’s worse than an embarrassment — it’s downright dangerous behavior.

Theresa Rohr

Hamburg, NJ

Blinken said the Biden administration was simply completing the Trump agreement with the Taliban.

From the moment Biden took over, he systemically undid everything he could that bore a Trump fingerprint. The administration was under no obligation to follow through on this one.

Coming out before 9/11 seemed good optics. Headlines would blare: Biden ends the war in Afghanistan! As a result, the administration ignored the critical sequence for the removal of troops, SIV personnel and equipment. The result was an exploding cigar with the loss of life and national honor.

Phil Serpico


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