September 10, 2021

It is becoming so painfully clear that those in charge of our lives either do not know what they are doing or are lying to us when it comes to COVID.  There is really no question that those in authority are just lying to us or are simply guessing when it comes to masking, social distancing, the vaccine, and the variances to come.  It is scary, almost dystopian, that those we have allowed to have authority over our health lives have been so wrong or so dishonest when it comes to the effectiveness of the vaccine.  Big Tech along with major corporate companies have aligned with Biden, Fauci, the CDC, and the Deep State in acting as if they know, but in reality, they are very wrong or very untruthful when it comes to the China virus.  They won’t even admit that it probably came from China.  Wonder why?

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Whether because we are being lied to or those in power are inept, Americans are increasingly filled with COVID dread.  When we have first-graders wearing masks, motorcycle riders without helmets but wearing masks — when people driving by themselves in a car are wearing a mask, when family members refuse to invite other family members to family picnics because of vaccination demands — we are not living right.  When major companies demand higher premiums from their employees for health insurance because they have refused a questionable vaccine, this is not who America is or what it stands for. 

Concerns are legitimate, but we must stop living in fear.  Being careful is appropriate, but we should no longer allow this virus to determine our every move or dominate our thoughts.  We must claim our lives back.

The great C.S. Lewis wrote about living our lives in 1948.  Although Lewis was writing about the Atomic Bomb Age and London, the events and fears are similar.  Lewis encouraged the British to live their lives fully, even under the threat of nuclear annihilation.  We in America must do the same today with regard to the virus.

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Let it find us.  If the virus finds us, let it find us living our lives.  Let it find us raising our children.  Let it find us working hard and playing harder.  Let it find us living and not cowering.  Let it find us shouting from the rooftops, not cowering in the corner.  Let it find us at a fully attended family reunion.  Let it find us drinking a beer with an old army buddy.  Let it find us swapping tall tales with old high school friends.  Let it find us on the front porch, not in the basement.  Let it find us on the tractor, keeping the rows straight, or clearing out the beaver dams so the crops don’t flood.  Let it find us cleaning the stables.

If the virus is to find us, let it find us being Americans and not trolls of a dystopian authoritative regime.  Let it find us singing in the church choir, going to Sunday school, or sitting in our normal pew at church.  Let it find us at the kids’ ballgames, attending the school spelling bee, at cheerleading practice, filling up the tank with gas, or having the grandchildren spending the night.  Let it find us.

If the virus is to find us, let it find us at the beach, hiking the trails; at the local sports bar, watching the game.  Let it find us listening to Barry White, Chopin, the Eagles, and the Doobie Brother.  If the virus is to find us, let it find us riding our bikes, taking long walks, swimming in the pool, and shooting the hoops at the gym.  Let it find us reading Chaucer, Booker T., Solzhenitsyn, or the King James Version.  Let it find us under the “Friday Night Lights” at the local high school stadium.