September 3, 2021

Larry Elder is the annoying candidate who won’t go away in the governor’s recall election in California.

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He keeps gaining endorsements from the most unlikely liberal quarters typically reserved for the sitting governor, Gavin Newsom (D-CA). Recently former Democratic leader on the California State Senate Gloria Romero surprised the most “progressive” faction in her circle by throwing her support behind candidate Elder.

She is a big proponent of education and has watched the sunshine state sink in national academic ratings to new depths for decades. “I chose Larry Elder I think largely because of his understanding of education,” she told the Federalist. “He has spoken eloquently on the failure of the education system and why school choice is so important, especially for communities of color.”

This is considered a nightmare endorsement by the formidable 300,000 members of the California Teachers Association (CTA), one of the most powerful unions in the state. Many of those union members have expressed the viewpoint that they would like Elder to “keep his loud mouth shut,” a sentiment indelicately expressed by more than one teacher on social media.

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Keeping quiet isn’t his style. The candidate has an impressive memory and the teachers’ union wasn’t spared his recitation of facts and figures to explain the shameful downward spiral of government-run schools. “It is estimated by virtually every expert I talk to that a minimum of 5 percent of (CTA teachers) are incompetent,” Elder was quoted saying in the Wall Street Journal. “That’s 15,000 teachers walking through the corridors of our schools, educating our kids.”

Elder is known to rhetorically ask in interviews: “Where do you think the worst teachers end up?” Hispanic and African-American parents are acutely aware of the answer, along with supporting Elder’s position to assist parents who don’t want their children to return to urban schools.

He supports a “School Choice” initiative scheduled on the ballot in November 2022 “allowing parents to use taxpayer dollars that would normally go to zoned public schools for private school tuition, homeschooling and other education related expenses.”