August 30, 2021

America’s abrupt withdrawal from Afghanistan portends a humanitarian disaster of unknown proportions.

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Sam Faddis, a former CIA field operations officer, summarized the appalling situation in Afghanistan in a bulletin put out some days ago.  He concluded that because of the policies being put into place in that country, the watching world may be looking at another version of the killing fields:

“Folks, for those of you trying to help get people out of Afghanistan. Here is assessment based on information coming out of policy circles and from sources on the ground. Biden is hard over that we will have the last military personnel out of Kabul airport NLT 31 August. We may be gone before then. Drawdown could begin within next 72 hours.

“This is not conditions-based. Biden has already disregarded all sound military advice. We can expect him to continue to do so. Anybody not out by the time the last plane leaves gets cut away.

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“On the ground in Kabul all processing of Afghans has effectively stopped. Only AmCits being moved. People are finally realizing on the ground that this administration really will do things that are unthinkable.”

Faddis adds that consensus assessment of on-the-ground intelligence is that the Panjshir Valley, traditionally a stronghold of resistance for over one hundred years, will probably be overrun, though it may hold for a while. Any Afghan who hopes to get out will not find haven in the valley but will need to get across the border.

He concluded: “After we are gone, the plan is apparently to take down the internet, expel foreign journalists and begin the Afghan version of the killing fields.”