Googling in the House of Cancel

It is my solemn duty to report to you all a disturbing eruption of Cancel Culture. On my poor innocent blog, “An American Manifesto.”

Somebody — obviously someone well-versed in the tactics of “Action Civics” — used Blogger’s “Report potential Blogger policy violation” page to accuse seven pages of my blog of violating Blogger’s “Malware and Viruses policy.” Here they are, the dirty dogs:

A Vision of the Good Life Better than the Left – Contents” from June 2020.

The Left’s Conceits — Table of Contents” from June 2020

How Did We Get There From Here?” from January 2014.

The People of the Responsible Self” from February 2013.

Science, Climate Change, Politics, Prophecy and Reason” from September 2020.

What? Me Worry? Advice to My Liberal Neighbors” from March 2021.

Three Peoples – Table of Contents” from July 2018.

“The Blogger Team” thoughtfully sent me seven emails last Friday afternoon to tell me that each of these posts had been deleted.

Well, I Never! As if I knew how to create Malware and Viruses on my blog! Perhaps my crime against the lords of techdom is that three of the seven posts are just Tables of Contents for particular topics. But I expect the “fully trained Marxist” that flagged the seven posts knew that if he (or she or xir) flagged the posts as “Malware and Viruses” then the technical wizards at “The Blogger Team” would immediately delete the posts and ask questions afterwards.

Of course, I immediately went downstairs and did a backup on all my blogs. I had backed up nearly all of the posts already.

So, I thought to myself, I’m going to have to move my blogs from Blogger and host them myself with WordPress.

But then I woke up on Saturday and found that “The Blogger Team” had been busy during the night and had sent me seven emails to tell me that “Upon review, the post has been reinstated.”

So that was all right!

Only, the posts had not been reinstated. If you clicked on any of the posts on Saturday afternoon, none of them existed. I must say that this was shocking. I mean to say, if Google and Blogger have the conceit to imagine that they should rule the world as Nancy Pelosi’s tame kittens, what are we to say about the competence of “The Blogger Team” when in fact the said posts had not been reinstated?

Oh, I see; my Magnificent Seven had been reinstated as drafts! Well, “The Blogger Team,” why didn’t you say so? Are you so busy discussing vital activism projects on company time and teaching Googler kids their next regularly scheduled Action Civics lesson that you can’t condescend to write plain English in your emails? Or maybe you chaps are all rallying to your Brahmin CEO Sundar Pichai and chipping in a buck or two to help bail out his fellow Brahmins at that temple in New Jersey where they have a bunch of Dalits working for $1 per hour. Talk about systemic caste-ism!

I wonder which of my posts got the Cancel Culturist all wigged out? Do you think it was the post about “What? Me Worry? Advice to My Liberal Neighbors” from March 4 where I warned my liberal friends about the storm signals on inflation and the stock market bubble, and told them that:

If you beat up on the police, what you get is fascism.
If you let your anti-fascist mostly peaceful protesters run wild, what you get is fascism.
If you permit runaway inflation, what you get is fascism.
If you beat up on the commoner middle class, what you get is fascism.
If your administration just caters to gentry-liberal virtue signalling, what you get is fascism.

I ended the piece with the following advice for my liberal friends:

This is actually not that hard. The tribe of the commoner is the nation. When the commoner is afraid, he rallies to the nation.

So, if you are a member of the Cathedral with all the perks and the power that go with it, the one thing you want to take care of is to keep the commoner sheep safely grazing. Don’t sicc wokey wolves on them; and don’t wipe out their modest jobs and their modest savings and their kids’ education.

Do that and you will rule forever. The alternative is Literally Hitler.

Do you think that’s what got the guy riled up so he called the Google cops on me?

But back to you Googlers at “The Blogger Team.” I hope that you high-tech geniuses have Community Guidelines procedures for people that act in bad faith and make false reports of violations of your Community Guidelines. You know, because “hate.” And we all hate “hate.”

Yes, I’m sure you Google chaps and chapettes and chapx have the whole thing under control.

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, Also get his American Manifesto and his Road to the Middle Class.

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