Cuomo accuser tells New York AG about ‘toxic, verbally abusive, retaliatory workplace’

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Cuomo accuser tells New York AG about ‘toxic, verbally abusive, retaliatory workplace’
Ana Liss, one of more than a half-dozen women to accuse New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual misconduct, said in a statement Thursday that she sat down for two hours with the state’s attorney general, who is investigating the allegations.

She said she told Attorney General Letitia James about “instances of unsolicited attention” she received from the governor as well as “the sexually hostile work environment perpetuated by him and senior staff.”

“During my time in the Executive Chamber, it was a toxic, verbally abusive, retaliatory workplace, especially for young women like myself,” she said. “Sexual harassment on the governor’s behalf is a significant piece of the investigation, but he neither is nor was the only person … responsible for offensive conduct.”

Examples of that alleged conduct, she said, ranged from “scatological name-calling to outright objectification of women’s bodies.”

Liss worked as an aide to Cuomo between 2013 and 2015 – and she said she was excited early on at the prospect of landing a coveted fellowship in the governor’s office.

She has accused him of touching her back and kissing her hand at different times, calling her “sweetheart” at work, asking about her personal life and other allegedly inappropriate actions. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON OUR TOP STORY.

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Sean Hannity: Putin openly mocking Biden with ‘humiliating’ ‘debate’ challenge
Russian President Vladimir Putin “is openly mocking the president of the United States for his own amusement,” Fox News host Sean Hannity told viewers Thursday, “and frankly, I find it, as an American citizen, humiliating.”

The “Hannity” host mused that President Biden’s occasional references to Vice President Kamala Harris as “President Harris” constitute moments of honesty.

“After all, Kamala Harris has taken all the solo calls with world leaders and is holding weekly meetings with the secretary of state,” he said. “Maybe this possibly could be the Harris administration after all.”

Hannity then asked: “Why would Vladimir Putin immediately call for a debate with Joe Biden with no time to prepare? What have I been saying? … When you compare Joe Biden to 2012 and even 2016, Joe Biden looks extremely weak, frail, often confused, and, yes, he is struggling cognitively. It is obvious. This is not brain surgery.” CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

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Newsom recall effort collects 2.1M signatures by submission deadline, organizers say
An effort to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom has reached 2.1 million signatures from state residents, according to the campaign.

The movement led by former San Diego Mayor and Republican gubernatorial candidate Kevin Faulconer needed only 1.5 million signatures to get the effort on this year’s ballot but aimed for 2 million to offset any invalid signatures.

“Our statewide movement has taken a giant step toward removing Gavin Newsom from office. Over 2.1 million Californians — Democrats, Republicans and Independents — have signed this recall petition and made it clear that they are ready to turn the page on an elitist administration that has disregarded science while hurting millions of California families,” Faulconer said in a Thursday statement.

The recall effort called “Recall Gavin 2020” that California Secretary of State Alex Padilla approved in June reached 2,117,730 signatures on Wednesday — its deadline to reach at least 1.5 million for the state to hold a special election that could unseat the Democratic governor.

The petition signatures were turned in Wednesday to the registrars in California’s 58 counties.

Newsom’s office did not immediately respond to an inquiry from Fox News, but the governor has started his own petition to stop the recall. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci and U.S. Sen. Rand Paul battled over face masks during a Capitol Hill hearing Thursday, drawing a sharp reaction from Laura Ingraham. The host of Fox News’ “The IngrahamAngle” blasted Fauci, the White House chief medical adviser, claiming he was dispensing COVID guidance “not driven by science.”

“There are a heck of a lot of public health officials and politicians who seem to be enjoying this crisis,” Ingraham said. “When people are scared and uncertain, they look for reassurance and solutions, which usually come from faith, family and friends. But remember when COVID hit, they looked to  Anthony Fauci. But when COVID hit – Wow! Ego-tripping became his newfound celebrity and power. He started contradicting his own pronouncements, most notably on masks and herd immunity.

“Well, he confines himself usually to friendly venues,” she continued, “where he dispenses guidance not driven by science, but his desire to terrify and confuse Americans.”

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