August 19, 2021

The seven months of the Biden presidency reveal a theme of surrender. Surrender is to give up possession of something to another or to give up to some influence or idea. President Biden has surrendered so much on so many levels. The only question is how much is due to his abject incompetence versus a deliberate attempt to surrender America, the country he swore an oath to preserve, protect, and defend, to dark forces in the world.

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Start with the latest surrender, far from America in the war-torn country of Afghanistan. Despite promises to the contrary, Biden and his foreign policy clown posse gave us a rerun of Saigon in 1975. After hiding under his bed for a week, the President explained his brilliant strategy by blaming his predecessor President Trump, and the Afghan military. Surprisingly his speechwriters failed to mention climate change, as another cause for the fall of Afghanistan.

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Biden basically surrendered, after 20 years and over a trillion dollars and countless American and Afghan lives sacrificed to the cause of bringing faculty lounge democracy to a largely illiterate band of thugs living in the 7th century. He blamed Trump for attempting to end a war that now Biden says he opposed all along, neglecting to mention how he presided over eight years of this war while serving as vice-president. Or that he and Obama’s administration released the masterminds of this current Taliban surge from Gitmo in exchange for deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

Trump boxed him in, says Biden. Yet Biden reversed all of Trump’s other policies upon taking office, opening the border, ending American energy independence, and greenlighting Iran’s nuclear program. If he wanted to counter Trump’s plan to exit Afghanistan after 20 wasted years he certainly could have. Biden defied his generals, who must have seen “white rage” in Kabul, and told Biden not to abruptly pull out the military.

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But Joe knew better, living up to his reputation as a foreign policy dunce. Obama’s Secretary of Defense famously observed of Biden, that he has been wrong on nearly every foreign policy question over the past 40 years. What little foreign policy knowledge he had was decades ago when he was at least firing on all cylinders rather than now, in rapid cognitive decline, surrendering thought and reason to his advanced age.

Biden also surrendered 40,000 Americans and countless numbers of locals to the whims of the Taliban. Will they be released, held hostage, or beheaded on an international stage? What if they are killed on 9/11 at the surrendered US embassy? America’s humiliation will be complete.

He also surrendered a generation of Afghan girls and women, for two decades allowed to wear Western clothing, and attend school, hoping for a university degree and profession. Instead, Biden surrendered these women to covering all but their eyes, serving as Taliban brides and sex slaves.